6 reasons why startups should use explainer videos?

6 reasons why startups should use explainer videos?

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things
-Theodore Levitt

If you are a startup waiting to draw the attention of your target audience, explainer videos help communicate your ideas with ease.

Product introduction

An explainer video helps to retain the attention span of the visitors with memorable and catchy visual content for your start-up. This video helps to tell your story, introduce your product and draw your target audience.

Organic SEO Improvement

The introductory videos boost your startup on the SEO (Search engine optimization) front. Videos and the thumbnail of the video snippet improves the google search rankings of your startup. YouTube videos ranks no2 in search engines to give a better visibility to a startup.

Attracting media coverage

It makes the work easy for the reporters to learn about the company with an explainer video making the press coverage easier. These videos give a better understanding of the startups in a few minutes thereby improving the chances of the visibility of your startup across the different social media platforms.  

Improving Website Conversion Rates

Introductory videos increase the chances of people buying your products increasing the conversion rates for your startups.

Establishing Brand Personality

Videos draw attention of your visitors, to plug in the information that showcases the brand and personality of your startup in a couple of minutes.

Investor pitch / Direct sales

Explainer videos builds confidence in potential investors and helps to attract funds. It aids to pitch the video to capture the critical initial customers facilitating direct sales.

Thus the explainer videos engage your visitors and succeed in creating a value for your brand.

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