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Drawation is the creation of its lead creative, CEO and founder, Jey Antony. Jey is an upbeat, energetic, experienced young entrepreneur transferring his experience at NewLineInfo to this new company. Jey has thirteen years in software and hardware roles, serving industry leaders like Deloitte, Intelstat, Verizon, Andrews Air Force Base, IBM and Census Bureau. Jey is also a business partner at Raman Technologies, an international Agile and Management consulting firm. “I like to ensure my clients are involved in every phase of the work, and I’ll go the extra mile to keep the communication channels open along the way.” Jey wants to know about his clients, listen to their ideas, and create great work everyone can be excited about and proud of.


Thomas Cyril Gaspar, has over twenty years of experience as a software trainer and hardware technologist. Thomas’ vision for hard work along with his marketing abilities, work ethics, and customer sustainability efforts have established him as a valued co-founder for Drawation. Thomas was instrumental in founding Newlineinfo with his nephew, Jey Antony, in 2007. He has successfully managed clients from both private and government sectors, where he gained experience through his thirst for knowledge, systematic work procedures, management skills, and thoughtful attention to employees. Thomas’ mantra for success: “Be passionate about what you do.” His internal team philosophy translates to trusted services for his clients. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Madras, with a post-graduate diploma in Computer Applications.


When it comes to mobile, eCommerce, cloud, and business intelligence, Karthik Pichai has the tenacity and experience, with a passion for building companies from the ground up. As DRAWATION CTO, Karthik brings over a decade of management, international business development, technology consulting, product management, and software engineering experience to the team. Karthik takes an idea that piques his interest and turns it into something big. He is driven by his ability to conceptualize solutions and provide sustainability consulting, as proven in his successful endeavors with IT companies, educational institutions, and more. Karthik holds an MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Southern Illinois University and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Madras, India. Karthik believes in high integrity along with a sense of humor among his clients and his team.

Drawation makes videos and presentations that help you communicate with personality. We’re in the business of helping companies like yours with the creative services you need to tell your story, deliver your message, explain your offer, teach your class or whatever you need to say.  Our animations make your message, your pitch, your explanation easy to take, easy to understand, and easy to share.

Drawation is a new company, founded in 2016 by Jey Antony, the CEO of the software company NewLineInfo, which specializes in branding, mobile development, software development and e-commerce for clients ranging from startups to government. Drawation was born because the growing demand for web-friendly video with personality.  As it’s own company, Drawation can give their creative services clients the attention and care their projects deserve.

webdesign & development company


At Drawation, we believe business communication and messaging should be honest, direct, accessible, and clear. We believe educational material should be thorough, concise, plain-spoken and never condescending.  We believe branding material should be exciting, persuasive, clever and positive. We believe training materials should never talk down to learners, but still be broad enough to include novices and journeymen.

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