Disney’s Invaluable Marketing Lessons
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Disney’s Invaluable Marketing Lessons

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.
― Socrates

With the unexpected success of Finding Dory, Walt Disney posted a 9% rise in revenue this quarter, a figure that is slightly higher than the Wall Street predictions.
Here are some of the marketing lessons that can be learned from the entertainment giant, Walt Disney.

Disney makes great entertaining stories which strike a chord with the humans. All human beings love stories. In addition to that, they follow a strong marketing strategy to sell their stories. Disney also creates entertaining ads and sells stories, superheroes, CD’s, DVD’s, branded merchandise and much more. Other companies looking to become successful can adapt this strategy from Disney.

Disney creates characters that is forever etched in your memory and relate to you on a personal level. Mickey Mouse is the greatest example of what Disney achieved with a cartoon character. Marketers do the same by creating mascots that help you remember the brand.

Culture and Strategy
Disney is known to follow cohesive planning and exhibits an excellent culture along with the leadership greatness. Even at the Disney Theme parks, they follow a discipline where the customers are treated as ‘guests’ and the employees as ‘cast members’. Though all the disney movies seems like magic there is hard work and labor behind every pixel that moves. The company employs the top-down approach and welcomes risky ideas from the team even if that goes against the accepted flow. All their business functions are integrated to complement each other that startups should adopt.

Disney provides ultimate entertainment to its customers through its animated movies. It provides value to its customers by creating excellent quality animated movies that are engaging and satisfying. They take great care in marketing each movie before it is released with the trailers, behind-the-scenes footages and the interviews of the cast and crew, after the release of the movie. Disney also employs both traditional and digital marketing activities that keeps evolving over time.

Social media Presence
All businesses could make their content marketing and their social media presence stand out with a streak of humour and imagination. Disney has been comfortably able to market the simple Mickey Mouse concept to it’s customers without boring them. This requires a lot of imagination to tell their stories in a very engaging way. Thus our brands remain etched in the minds of the customers and help us to stand out.

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