How to Incorporate Visual Content In Your Marketing Campaigns

How to Incorporate Visual Content In Your Marketing Campaigns

Good design encourages a viewer to want to learn more
-Alexander Isley

Visual content is more popular among the social media users than ever before. Consumers are bombarded by images, when they log into their various social media accounts. In order to stand out of the crowd, businesses have to be more inventive than ever, as users scroll through their news feeds in social media.

Here are a few possible ways to incorporate video into your marketing campaign.

Create Explainer Videos

Businesses have only a limited amount of time to ‘tell their story’ to their customers. An explainer video is a short story that communicates how a business offers solution to a common problem at an affordable cost. Explainer videos can be posted on a company’s website, blogs, or social media sites to give the potential customers an attractive short sales pitch designed to result in a conversion.

Drawation creates animated explainer videos that will draw their attention, and tell them who you are, or whatever you want to communicate.

Redirect Users to your website

Embedding explainer videos in your social media posts, redirects customers to your website. Create a desirable image using a simple screenshot from the video with a play button on it, instead of embedding the video. The customers will feel compelled to click-thru to your website.

Try to Go Viral

Most businesses are aware of the benefits of the videos going viral. The videos that capture attention not only enjoy numerous views and shares, but they also make it on the evening news. In order to reach the right customers and gain exposure among them, the best way is to try to make a video go viral. Study your customer base and know the type of content they will want to share with their friends and followers. The best content is relatable and yields a great level of exposure among the right customers.

Play to Your Brand’s Strengths

An effective video marketing campaign can be created when businesses target to connect with their customers featuring their brand’s strengths. Instead of copying others, companies should study their business model and find a unique way to reach their customers. Some brands do it by featuring the high profile customers who use their products or by showing the behind the scenes glimpse of its processes.

Video marketing is emerging as one of the most popular ways to promote your brand and to reach out to customers. Drawation helps companies create animated explainer videos to incorporate into every campaign and make it a success.

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